Studio Figura International is the creator of the Studio Figura brand - over 1000 studios in the world, of which more than 300 are located in Poland.

Studio Figura International is a producer of devices such as: Roll-Shaper®, Vacu-Shaper®, Infra-Shaper® Swan, Tulip.

The number of studios working in the Studio Figura concept is growing constantly. From six to twelve new studios open every month. Moreover, about 10% of our Partners open more and more units.

Check why the concept of Studio Figura is unique for a franchisee!

We have created an EXCEPTIONAL franchise that is simple and clear and gives independence in action to our Partners.

Substantive support

  • ready treatment-training-diet programs adapted to each client individually - each franchisee gets ready sets of packages for specific purposes

Own newspaper
Studio Figura

  • permanent advertisement for a franchisee in a professional quarterly
  • 40 pages of articles about the effects, treatments, Studio Figura opinions
  • advertisement for an open studio

Simple management

  • dedicated, unique SF platform (description below under SF platform)
  • remote studio management

Complementary products

  • a unique line of supplements and cosmetics produced especially for Studio Figura and available only in licensed studios of Studio Figura
  • a fixed pricing policy on the cosmetics and supplements market

Effective employment

  • No need to employ 1 person at 1 position
  • The optimal solution is 3 emploees at 10 workplaces
  • we don’t create unnecessary jobs

Knowledge sharing

  • the ability to check the profitability of the system
  • about 10% of our owners open 2 studios. Some of them open even 3 and 4!

Original equipment

  • own device factory
  • guarantee of the highest quality devices
  • warranty and after warranty assistance

Transparent and clear rules

  • Especially for the Polish market, we have created a friendly form of cooperation
  • you earn and do not share profits with us !

Support from the beggining

  • low franchise fee for very extensive support (see below under Support for a franchisee)

Patented technology

  • patents on devices
  • the possibility of promoting a given studio based on the uniqueness of the product

Knowledge and experience exchange

  • the opportunity to exchange experiences between the owners at cyclical training meetings of Studio Figura ( Studio Figura Academy)

Scale effect

  • experience database from over 100 offices in Poland

About Studio Figura.

Last year, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the company's presence on the market. We are the only company in the wellness industry that has its own plant factory and its own line of cosmetics and supplements. Since December 2015, we have been publishing our own magazine FIGURA, which is a professional quarterly. We know that women all over the world want the same - look beautiful, be healthy and happy.

To achieve this they need friendly interiors, professional service and affordable and attractive price for the treatment. Our offices respond to the desires of women around the world: in Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Moldova, Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Cyprus, Israel, Ukraine, Finland, Kuwait, Georgia, Turkey , UAE.

Discover what the flagship Studio Figura looks like and get inspiration for your own project!

SF studios are places where clients feel comfortable and safely.
Check what our model studio looks like

Find answers to frequently asked questions before opening your Studio.

See for yourself how simple and safe it is to start your own business with Studio Figura

Within the cooperation, each of our Partners along with the staff receives a specialist introductory training (over 25 hours of lectures, 3 days). The training is completed with the issuance of certificates - the right to run the studio FIGURA. We provide the original training project of Studio Figura Academy -a IV panel of trainings, which take place quarterly. They broaden the knowledge in the field of dietetics, psycho-dietetics and the latest marketing techniques.

1. SF devices : our own device factory - the highest quality of workmanship. Three comprehensive treatment zones: fitness, wellness and aesthetic medicine

2 The original SF diet program : individually developed in relation to the client’s goal.

3. SF supplements and cosmetics: a unique formulation created especially for Studio Figura

4. Marketing program: modern techniques of client acquisition and maintenance.

5. SF platform: an innovative, convenient, powerful tool for managing the office.

Urządzenia SF: własna fabryka urządzeń - najwyższa jakość wykonania. Tworzone przez najlepszych inżynierów i designerów z myślą o potrzebach kobiet i ich celach - dla franczyzobiorcy oznacza to iż każdy wybrany zestaw daje możliwości skonstruowania indywidualnych programów treningowo - zabiegowych.

According to the concept of SF, the studios earn their money in the first month after opening. It is possible thanks to a professionally constructed marketing plan which is implemented about 2-3 months before opening the studio. It also guarantees a successful Grand Opening and further implementation of the concept.

Absolutely not! 98% of our Partners finance the investment through leasing. Our company has a well-established position on the market that leasing to our devices is easily received by people who have never run any business before.

The average income in our studios is 30-40 thousand PLN.

We provide the most comprehensive offer for the franchisee who opens Studio Figura

When starting your own business we offer a full package of support thanks to which you can start your own office without stress or risk.

Studio Figura is a zone of:
and a new COSMETOLOGY - multi-functional devices for aesthetic cosmetology for the body and face based on modern technological solutions.

The original diet program:
individually developed based on the client's goal generated by means of the SF Platform, which has a multi diet panel

SF supplements and cosmetics:
a unique formulation created especially for Studio Figura
detox programs, supporting slimming, firming and anti-cellulite products with cosmetic certificates

Marketing program:
modern techniques of client acquisition and maintenance
Facebook workshops

SF platform:
an innovative, convenient, powerful studio management tool with detailed information about each client. Dietetic panel counting calories and completing the weekly nutrition plan that takes into account all allergies and diseases, for generating individual diets

A reliable and effective investment:
monthly income at the level of 12-32 thousand PLN depending on the size of the investment

return of expenditures usually after 8-10 months

we make a detailed business plan at a meeting at the headquarters of our company

How to open your own Studio Figura in 3 simple steps

Your success begins now. Check how simple and safe it is to open your own studio Studio. Make an appointment to discuss the necessary details of cooperation.


contact our office to determine the availability of a potential place


send to us by e-mail a photograph and a plan view of your premises


agree on the date of the meeting at the headquarters of Studio Figura International and start working!

You are only a step away from the opening of the Studio based on a safe and proven business model.
Do not hesitate and start the adventure with Studio Figura now!