STUDIO FIGURA INTERNATIONAL is a global concept of body modeling. This is the most efficient and the most comprehensive fitness/wellness model of a studio. Twelve years ago we created this high-standard studio based on unique know-how. SF is not only a brand but a symbol of a successful idea for business as well. Thousands of satisfied women and hundreds of lost kilos and centimeters are the proof of it. We have partner studios all over Poland and in many places abroad.

5 steps to open
Studio Figura

Check how easy it is to become an owner of your own studio!

Studio location

Find the locality where you want to open your own studio. Consider a place with an area of at least 100 square meters with a car park. The ideal locations are “the bedrooms of cities” and side streets.


Contact us and make an appointment in our office. During the meeting, we will tell you about the terms of cooperation with our company and we will prepare a detailed business plan.

Study space

Send us a technical projection of the chosen premises, its photos and videos. We will prepare a design of the equipment layout for you, and then an arrangement project in 3D.

Familiarize the community

Follow us on facebook and see how the studios work in Poland.

Try our concept

Before you decide to open your own Studio Figura, become a client of one of our working studios and get to know our concept from the inside.

5 steps to have an
ideal shape

Achieve your desired goal together with SF and become the Best version of yourself!

Your goal

A detailed interview allows us to learn about your eating habits, physical activity and possible health problems. Together, we set the goal you want to achieve.

Our knowledge- your motivation

We will select appropriate treatments from our offer that will help you achieve your goal in the shortest possible time!

Nutrition plan

We provide you with a 3-stage diet program tailored to your needs. It will improve your metabolism, well-being and allow you to enjoy your dream figure.

For optimal results

We present you the supplements and cosmetics from our own Studio Figura line, which will help you take care of your body and health and speed up the desired results.

Care and support

When you follow the exercise program, we will monitor your results to motivate you more strongly to act and show you that you are getting closer to the goal.

Your opinions and recommendations

What do our partners and club members say about us?

I just went crazy. I'm from Łódź, and since June I have spend some time in Studio Figura Retkinia in this city. An interesting fact is that there are many places of this type on the estate, but THIS ONE is unique. I was in each of them looking for something suitable for me, but there was something wrong - not that I was demanding, but I did not feel motivated to act anywhere, on the contrary I felt left alone - even in group activities (what I honestly do not like). I got HERE - professionalism from the first meeting - everything was perfectly explained. If I could describe it sweet - I would say "donuts with icing", i.e. there is no way not to lick, be happy and full of positive thoughts. Super girls, great place, sensational treatments and stations, and at the same time an unmatched atmosphere ...I RECOMMEND IT!


I come to Studio Figura in Jasło. Very nice service, and the owner Mrs. Ula is a wonderful woman with her heart on her sleeve. Individual, professional approach to the client . Great devices, great atmosphere, and what’s the most important, treatments that bring effects perfectly correspond with your diet. I honestly recommend to everyone!


I had always dreamed about my own business. I heard about the Studio Figura concept and began to read what it is. I fell in love with Studio Figura right away, because it combines exercises and healthy nutrition. Now I can, with great pleasure, invite you to Studio Figura in Kielce - a place that fulfills the dream of a healthy athletic figure, and I can confidently say that my work is my passion!


Owner of the Studio Figura Kielce
I wish there would be 6th star. Studio Figura Kalisz, where I go, truly deserves that. The women I met there, from the very beginning, became so close to me. It's amazing that despite age difference they are a real friends of mine. Girls are very professional and they create such a wonderful atmosphere that the moment I leave is the moment I think about coming back! I simply love this place so much. When I go back home I feel rejuvenated, slimmer and 10 years younger.


I have been struggling with my overweight for 4 years already. Finally, in Studio Figura due to relevant diet and devices I can fight it off and win. Full professionalism and huge support from the girls. I'm much happier because of you guys!!! I succeeded thanks to your guides. At the very beginning, I received huge motivation and support in my struggle. Then I was advised which kind of membership will be the right one for me. Carry on with your competitions, in which Studio Figura clients can win memberships. You make happy not only me but also other women dreaming about great body. Many thanks!!!



Check what has been prepared especially for YOU in Studio Figura!

Fitness Zone

In the fitness zone, we offer training stations with a wide spectrum of activities which model and slim the body. At the same time they care for the skin at the cellular level, firming and compacting it.

Wellness Zone

In the wellness area we have modern equipment that takes care of your body in a painless and minimally invasive way. Treatments eliminate swelling and cellulite, help with losing unnecessary centimeters and have a caring effect on the skin.

Aesthetic cosmetology

We have a wide range of innovative cosmetic devices that enable us to achieve spectacular results in the field of aesthetic cosmetology. Our multi-functional cosmetic devices allow you to perform the most modern treatments. It is a breakthrough in the field of minimally invasive methods of combating progressive aging of the skin.


We have our own line of cleansing and slimming supplements. The green line is cleansing supplements, while the blue line supports slimming. Our products do not make the body dependent.


We have our own cosmetics line, which are produced by us. All our cosmetics have certificates and are 100% natural.